I remember my mom saving bacon grease. Anyone else remember, we used it for cooking but have you tried any of these uses?. Nov 12, 2012 Other than that, freezing small jars or keeping it cold is about the only way to save it. Bacon fat is not stable at even cool temperatures. Just can't.... Mar 4, 2013 And I save every drop of grease. How could I not? I grew up with a mug of bacon grease in the fridge for frying eggs in the morning. This was.... Storing it in the refrigerator will significantly increase its shelf life. When you store bacon grease in the fridge, it will stay fresh for up to one year. The bacon grease.... Apr 26, 2012 I use bacon grease in frying eggs and sometimes potatoes and making cornbread. I have several jars of it in the refrigerator because my mother.... Apr 8, 2019 Scrape Bacon Grease When Cold. However, it's no big deal if you can't get to storing the bacon fat when it's still liquid. Life happens! If you let.... If you love to make bacon but are dumping all the grease down the drain, you should save it up and make a bacon fat candle instead.. Aug 12, 2012 Luca, saving bacon grease goes back to our forefathers, the Pilgrims who arrived here in 1620. It is an Americal tradition. Sometimes it was the.... My grandparents were telling us the other day how during world war 2, they were asked to save bacon grease .... Apr 8, 2018 I will be saving my bacon grease and am thinking of a big bowl of popcorn, made just like we did in the 50s. Ed Hungness and his wife are.... If the grease manages to harden before you get a chance to put it into the container, then you can reheat the bacon grease on a low heat until it becomes a liquid... 219d99c93a

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