• Knowing that a "Registration Token" is an address that FCM uses to deliver the message to a device. This process is now asynchronous. Google library.... Configure the iOS SDK with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in iOS apps ... For example, if using SwiftSample - the sample Swift app provided in the SDK: ... String) { print("Firebase registration token: \(fcmToken)") let dataDict:[String: String].... In Android studio 'File > New > New Module' Select 'Import .jar/.aar' package ... After we have received the FCM registration token we need to register the.... Jan 28, 2021 Push Notifications with Firebase and Swift ... Messaging.messaging().token { [weak self] token, error in ... messaging: Messaging, didReceiveRegistrationToken fcmToken: String) { ... In swift it would look something like:.. ... Component: Auth, Core, Database, Messaging, Storage; Swift Version: 4.2 ... My problem is the old firebase register tokens already stored in my database don't ... But this new fcmToken does not work, when I try to send a push notification.... Apr 26, 2021 iOS device push tokens are strings with 64 hexadecimal symbols. ... is not the most reliable way because FCM push tokens tend to change from.... Apple and FCM require quite a few steps to set up push notifications. ... Test push on Iterable is not working on iOS; Invalid Token; Invalid Sandbox .p12 ... Swift. import Foundation //put outside class extension Data { var hexString: String { let.... In the Swift Compiler General, locate the Objective-C Bridging Header key and add the location of the bridging header ... Gets the FCM push registration token. 538a28228e

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